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Astra launches the operations

Astra launches the operations

Astra launches the operations
Astra launches the operations

On February 1, we have started the operational activities of Astra International.

Initial setup

A lot of preparatory work is done for this:

  • corporate KYC/AML/CTF policies and procedures are developed and approved
  • bank accounts are opened and prepared for operations
  • partnership agreements are concluded with two liquidity providers
  • contract with Sum and Substance Ltd (UK) is signed and SumSub services were integrated with the MetaAstra system
  • accounting service contract is concluded with Accounting Resources OÜ, which has extensive expertise in the field of accounting and tax reporting
  • templates of contracts and other corporate documents are developed, the legal verification is being carried out
  • website and social media accounts are launched, a news channel was started
  • and most importantly, the corporate CRM and financial systems were launched and the first transactions were carried out

Now the company's efforts will be aimed at the MetaAstra system functionality extension, business processes development and customer base growth.

Next step

We are preparing to launch a new business direction - integration of KYC/AML verification functionality into MetaAstra^ system and offering customers outsourcing compliance services, with technical and legal support, as well as bank account opening advising.