Security Token Offering

What is a Security Tokens?

STO (Security Token Offering) is an offer for the sale of digitized securities. This is the digital evolution of IPO (Initial Public Offering). At the same time, many STO projects also claim the role traditionally played by VC and Private Equity funds.

In a number of jurisdictions, security tokens are included in the list of permitted financial instruments. Astra International carries out STO projects on the territory of the European Union and provides organizational, legal and technological support for STO projects at all stages:

  • Financial analysis of the company, choosing a jurisdiction
  • Development of optimal conditions for the STO project, development of a strategy and a project implementation plan, team formation
  • Company registration services in the EU, opening bank accounts
  • Preparation of documents, digital and material elements reflecting the project's readiness for investment
  • Preparation and signing of a set of required set of contracts and documents for the project execution
  • Preparation of documents required for the regulator (Memorandum, Prospectus, Reporting, etc.)
  • Preparation of documents and contracts for the issue of the company shares, issue of shares execution
  • Preparation and submission of documents for the registration of STO with the financial regulator
  • Custodial service according to the agreement with the partner bank
  • Security tokens issue in technical compliance with the Memorandum
  • Listing of security tokens on the trading platform
  • Tokensale and consulting services in the field of marketing and promotion
  • Banking services and financial flows management for the project

Comprehensive solution

Since 2018, Astra International has been developing a blockchain ecosystem designed to provide a holistic integrated solution for the organization, technological and legal support and exection of Security Token Offering (STO).

Astra^ STO solution allows our customers to raise funds up to 60 million Euro in full compliance with the legal regulations of the European Union.

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