Exhibition and Forum TerraMining 2018 Moscow

Exhibition and Forum TerraMining 2018 Moscow

The TerraMining-2018 conference became a very significant event of the year in the field of mining, as it brought together both professionals and novice specialists of the mining industry on one platform, from the heads of industrial enterprises and companies specializing in the production and supply of cooling equipment, security, automatic control services to representatives of regions with low electricity costs.

Within the framework of the forum, discussions were held on the following topics:

  • Software for automation and optimization of mining
  • Cooling and safety systems
  • Data centers and mining hotels
  • Taxes and legislation in the Russian Federation and other countries
  • Mining Business security
  • Mining investments, investment diversification
  • Mining ecology and social responsibility

Experts discussed important changes in the mining industry, its profitability in 2018-2020, the principles of earning money on mining, methods of recognizing fraudsters and pseudo-experts of cryptocurrencies, and also held master classes on the assembly and installation of mining equipment. Among the participants are representatives of the international mining pool Astra^ Maxim Nikolaev and Evgeny Galiakhmetov, who talked about investing and reinvesting in mining.

The venue of TerraMining, the Moscow Hippodrome, one of the oldest in Russia, was very remarkable. Founded in 1834, it is still the largest testing ground in horse breeding. A place where traditions and the struggle for leadership are closely intertwined, perfect for networking, sharing experiences and discussing future deals.

The organizer of TerraMining - Six Touches Events is a young but actively developing company, the initiator of past and upcoming events dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and mining. This year, the company organized the international forum “BlockchainExpoFarm Kazan", as well as a pitch session of TerraCrypto ICO projects in Kazan. Both events received a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

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